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Gut Check Time

Gut Check Time

In the face of today’s challenges it’s clear that we truly are better together. As the saying goes ‘It takes a village’, can truly be applied to not just the IT Channel rather any and all social and business dynamics across the globe. How is our mental health holding...

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Pandemics are not Force Majeure

Pandemics are not Force Majeure

IT Channel Veteran and Technology Attorney Brad Gross founder of Bradley Gross Law, talks with Brian about the legalities of Covid-19. Are we putting our techs at risk when deploying them out in the field? What can we do to protect our staff and ourselves while we...

Beyond the Curve Cyber Stream Series

Beyond the Curve Cyber Stream Series

We are all hearing the same thing these days, ‘I just want things to go back to normal’. While we know for sure that we will get through this, how sure are we that Covid-19 hasn’t changed our normal and what facets of our lives will be changed forever? What will our...

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