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Pre-Current-Post, Cybersecurity Posture

Pre-Current-Post, Cybersecurity Posture

Brian chairs a discussion on creating a comprehensive cybersecurity approach with Craig Sherwood, Managing Director at Shambliss Security, Andrew Egoroff, Professional Services Manager with Allgress and Cyber Liability Expert, Zach Slade with GCG Financial. The panel...

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Cybersecurity Aspiration to Visionary

Cybersecurity Aspiration to Visionary

Brian and Tania talk with Stephan Tallent, Sr Director MSSP & Service Enablement with Fortinet about Stephan’s main 3 objectives in building out a successful cybersecurity offering. They cover everything from hiring marketable security talent to developing a 24x7 SOC...

The Ultimate Cybersecurity Checklist for MSPs

The Ultimate Cybersecurity Checklist for MSPs

Data protection is evolving at breakneck speed. Since 1971, when the first virus (aptly named Creeper, though it was actually created with good intentions) began targeting mainframe computers, the IT industry has been working to identify and neutralize a rapidly...

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