Congratulations to our 2020 Cyber Scholarship recipients 

Greg Kladakis, I find that the technology field is always evolving, and to me that is fascinating, there will always be new tools, designs, and concepts to explore and improve at. That is why I chose technology as my career path. The CompTIA A+ certification will be a helpful kickstart to my career, and assist in marketing myself to potential employers. It will be a solid foundation to pave the way for my future.

Jacob Wootton, Thank you IoTSSA & CompTIA very much for this award.  This certification will help me advance in my studies towards a career in cybersecurity.  Technology is our world.  Protecting data and fighting the top criminals today online with advanced skills will be my goal and with this award I am one step ahead.

Mickayla Rose, In the future when I look back at my career, I want to be able to say that I chose a profession that not only challenged me but pushed me to be my best. This ignites my passion towards getting a degree in cybersecurity. Cybersecurity is an area where you must look at patterns within a system, strengthen your system, and continuously find better solutions to resolve issues. Within this area, I won’t stay stagnant in my progress, I’ll improve and master my skills. A CompTIA A+ Certification, will show that I have the proficiency needed to excel in the IT workplace.

We wish you the very best of luck and congratulations on spring boarding your career in technology

In support of those planning a future in Technology

Want to provide direction and support for an aspiring or continuing tech professional? In a time of uncertainty, here is your chance to help someone deserving acquire an industry-leading IT credential that will set them on the path for a positive future.    

IoTSSA has partnered with CompTIA to deliver those career-advancing opportunities for three aspiring tech professionals. On October 6, 2020, we will award CompTIA A+ Certification scholarships (valued at more than $1000 each) to three deserving individuals nominated by the MSP community.

Scholarship nominees could be employees of your company, family members, friends, or someone you or a team member are mentoring in the IT field. Age is not a factor. Whether you have an enterprising young high school student in mind or would like to see a struggling co-worker reach the next step in their career, it’s easy to submit a nomination.    

The 2020 Cyber Scholarships will be awarded based on inspiring stories, individual needs, and other things you believe make an IT-minded individual deserving of this honor. Your peers are the judges. The IoTSSA Advisory Council, a consultative board of 10 MSP professionals who help guide content and events for the association, are selecting all scholarship honorees.  

Tell us their story, career aspirations and how a CompTIA Certification will help launch their path to success. Be a hero and take a few short minutes to submit your nomination today.


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