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MSP Penetration Test
• Ethical Hacker attempts to breach a 40mm dollar MSP
• What steps can you take to protect yourself and your clients?

SMBs are Not Prepared
• Tania Sheppard, Channel Development Manager at Datto, discusses the opportunity facing IT Service Providers today.
• Regulation – Security – Complexity – Are you positioned to protect the SMB while also maximizing the explosive growth opportunity?
State of the Market
• Where does your market align with others in the country?
• Are there missed opportunities and areas to back fill your current security offering?
         Security Expert Panel
• Managing IT infrastructure or managing client risk? One and the same in today’s environment.
• Our experts take the stage to discuss and provide solutions to these challenges in securing the SMB.
TopGolf Free Play & Networking Event Reception
• Enjoy the afternoon networking and interacting with peers and security experts.
• All attendees and experts are invited to participate in (optional) two hours of open golf play.
• Sponsored by Vault America
Keynote: Wayne Selk, CISSP                      Director Professional Services  
• How much of the current risk equation do you own versus your customers? 
• How do you communicate this and further your role as a trusted adviser?
• Its time for a recalibrated cybersecurity discussion with SMBs.


Your Client’s Passwords are on Dark Web
• Natasha Boyko, Channel Development Manager at ID Agent, discusses the Dark Web and your clients exposure.
• Natasha will be running Dark Web scans throughout the day so you can find out if your clients credentials are on the Dark Web.


Exclusive Security Services Research
• Lisa Person, Director of Member Communities at CompTIA, presents the latest in IoT research, 2019 security predictions and how it impacts SMB and your business.


 Introduction & Access to the New IoT Playbook
• Joel Zaidspiner Associate Publisher at ChannelPro Magazine introduces their new IoT Playbook. A free industry resource to keep you apprised and ahead of whats available and happening in the market.


And much more….

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2018 Event Highlights



“I recently attended an IoTSSA road show and it was a wealth of information.  The presenters were very knowledgeable and the subject matter on point with the issues we service providers face today.  I was able to make some great vendor connections along with some awesome peer networking which made the entire day a huge win.” Eric Rieger, President of WEBIT Services

“IoTSSA exceeded my expectations! The intimate event was a great way to talk to and meet industry leaders and ask questions in both a group setting and one on one” Ed Bensinger, President/CEO of Bensinger Consulting



“I attended an IoTSSA local event recently and found the content to be excellent! Everyone is talking about cyber security and the more great minds and solutions that are in one room, the better the discussions. This was absolutely worth my time out of the office. I came away with some great nuggets. I highly recommend their events and website for up to date content related to cyber security.” Guy Baroan, President of  Baroan Technologies

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