Redefining Email Security

Over the last two years, Mailprotector has become a household name in the SMB channel for three very important reasons:

1. We offer an easy to configure and manage suite of secure email solutions that are as aesthetically pleasing as they are easy to use.

2. We offer this platform securely and dependably, hosted on AWS.

3. Our commitment to the SMB Channel as our only route to market is unparalleled in the email security space.

Most recently we brought you Bracket, our email encryption solution, which truly changes the paradigm for ease of use with high level security. Our partners have told us consistently that Bracket is the change agent that is allowing them to win new business in virtually every Compliance-based industry, and significantly improves the security posture of the companies they are charged with protecting.

Complementing Bracket is a suite of seven integrated products that address every common email security need in the industry today, including anti-spam, reputation protection, archiving, hosting and email continuity. All Mailprotector products are managed in a multi-tenant console that makes it easy to deploy, manage, and remove products with minimum effort.

Mailprotector makes protecting email a differentiator in the channel. Our products don’t just protect, they deliver leads, create opportunities, and impress customers on a daily basis. Check us out at to learn more.

Ted Roller, Mailprotector

Ted Roller, Mailprotector

 Channel Chief

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