Secure Now is a leader in providing next-generation cybersecurity solutions for MSPs selling to small and medium-sized business as well as healthcare professionals. We offer two services: Breach Secure Now is a fully integrated solution stack focused solely on end-user cybersecurity and MSP empowerment through a white-labeled, channel-only platform. Specializing in HIPAA compliance for 9 years, our HIPAA Secure Now service helps our MSP partners and clients by taking the confusion out of compliance. With two valuable security awareness and compliance services, Secure Now is dedicated to helping our partners and clients protect their business, reputation, and data.

Our unique combination of dark web data monitoring, simulated phishing, employee security training, continuous remediation, and sales enablement provides our partners with a complete end-user security offering while enabling their own organizational growth.  With affordable pricing, channel exclusivity, dedicated sales support, and an entire library of marketing resources at your fingertips, selling the value of your Managed Services contract just got that much easier.

Built by MSPs for MSPs, we understand the challenges MSPs face today when selling cybersecurity, providing us insight into how strengthening human vulnerabilities can move prospects through the sales funnel faster and justify additional security measures by identifying, educating, and managing the weak link in security: Humans.

Art Gross

Art Gross

President and CEO


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