“I recently attended an IoTSSA road show and it was a wealth of information.  The presenters were very knowledgeable and the subject matter on point with the issues we service providers face today.  I was able to make some great vendor connections along with some awesome peer networking which made the entire day a huge win.”
Eric Rieger, President of WEBIT Services

“IoTSSA is a great organization that has assembled the best and brightest that the Cyber Security /  Managed IT Services channel has to offer with a member benefit focused mindset.  Great events, content and good people all around!”

Rich Delaney, Founder & CTO of Delaney Computer Services, Inc.

“I attended an IoTSSA local event recently and found the content to be excellent! Everyone is talking about cyber security and the more great minds and solutions that are in one room, the better the discussions. This was absolutely worth my time out of the office. I came away with some great nuggets. I highly recommend their events and website for up to date content related to cyber security.”
Guy Baroan, President of Baroan Technologies

“The venue (and food) was amazing. However, the real “meat” was the speakers and information. If you’re a MSSP, you need to join #IoTSSA – Internet of Things Security Services Association Inc.”

Rick Rusch, President & CEO of Secure ERP, Inc.


“Awesome event. Worth the 5-6 hours of round trip travel time! The venue was amazing!”
Frank Bravata, President & Founder of Cyber Brigade

“IoTSSA has built a great and growing community of MSPs and MSSPs alike. The topics and vendors they bring forward are relevant partnerships for existing MSPs and MSSPs looking to grow their knowledge and relationships in the community.”

Paul Nebb, President & CEO of Titan Technologies, LLC

“IoTSSA Roadshow in Naperville was very informative and not a typical MSP roadshow that we typically attend. We get invited to at least 1-2 free lunch/dinner roadshows or seminars every week and it’s hard to attend every week! I love free lunch but we look for the value where we can learn something from different vendors and what’s going on in the marketplace to help our customers. IoTSSA fit the criteria and we had a blast swinging some balls at Top Golf in the process! Thank you and looking forward to attending the next show!” Sal Khan, President of Nexgen Networks, Inc.

The IotSSA Cybersecurity event in Denver was well worth my time.  Not a bunch of Sales type speakers we see at other one day events.  The content was eye opening, and the involvement with other attendee’s with the Panel members was informative.  The Pen test was great!
Joseph E. Mosher, President of Dynamic Data Technology Group